“You might know me as a hunting or Maremman jacket, but my real name is 501. I’ve been away for a long time, but that hasn’t made me forget my history, and I’m going to start to write it again today” 

Capalbio is a timeless style and now it’s come back to life with a new look and a new collection. 

A jacket that made history, becoming a style icon: the Capalbio jacket. A timeless item revisited in a more contemporary key without losing its traditional Tuscan appeal. 

It stands out thanks to its back pocket: the tagana. A space cut out to remember the tradition of Maremma’s bandits and cowboys, now hosting the everyday objects of modern times. 

A fabric that has been rediscovered: corduroy. Fine corduroy, a comfortable and seductive fabric that speaks of old times and gives timeless style and appeal to the modern day. 

A stylist who revived a farmer’s jacket and transformed it into a unique style: Ugo Valentini. Now, just as he did twenty years ago, he has redesigned the Capalbio style, bringing it up-to-date without leaving behind its Tuscan roots. 

A collection with the same outline but a new style: the new Capalbio. Made with the best and most comfortable fabrics, just like in the past, it has been recreated for men and women in more modern versions that adapt to metropolitan and hi-tech contexts. 

With the new Capalbio collection, the past meets the present and adds the scent of tradition to a unique, innovative and classy urban style. 

New colours, new materials and new fits for a timeless appeal that never fades. 

The page has been turned, but the book’s still the same: Capalbio and its ability to create trends, adapt to modern daily life, and remember its roots.