15 November 2019

To reveal some little secrets about the new Capalbio collection, we had a chat with the style consultant, Richi Veneziani.

Hi Richi, tell us: how did you face the Capalbio challenge?

With great enthusiasm. Capalbio has always been a leading brand for the heritage style to which I am deeply passionated. Taking part of it was an honor for me. The aim was to make it even more contemporary and adaptable to metropolitan life, without distorting its essence.

"Without distorting its essence", which is the meaning of this phrase, Richi?

The request of Capalbio was precise from the first moment: the DNA of the brand should not be underestimated. I immediately and fully shared this position. Honestly, I believe that we have completely centered the objective.

Tell us about you, Richi. You said that you love heritage style, why?

I've been "inside the rags" since I was a child. My father taught me love for the fabric and I still use his immense experience. I am a "son of art" and I love to dress men with a certain stylistic sensitivity, such as the typical buyers of Capalbio.

Waiting for the Pitti 2020, give us some clues about the collection that Capalbio will present. How would you define the new FW 2020/2021?

I don't want to spoil it, I just say it will be a very precise collection in communication. Its natural habitat? Shops with high rate of research, or innovative boutiques. We are sure you will like it.