18 September 2019

The 2020 spring summer of the prestigious Pistoia brand is based on the revival of the iconic Maremma cowboy jacket. An inspiration that has its roots in the most authentic Tuscan lifestyle.

In this article we are dealing for the first time with Capalbio, a prestigious Tuscan brand that has inherent in its DNA the sporty-chic spirit, the attention to detail, and the Italian savoir-faire. A casual style as the beating heart of a historic brand.

The Capalbio's 2020 spring-summer collection

We therefore present the new collection that the brand has designed for its men in the spring-summer of 2020. Custodian of ancient traditions, the Jacket, iconic garment of the Capalbio proposal, affirms itself in a remaking of the uniforms of hunters, cowboys and factors, paying tribute with a careful review of the authentic culture of the 'land', conveying the values of living in the countryside, experiencing the landscape, the Tuscan one.

A collection inspired by Italian style and beauty. A work jacket for hunting, but suitable for living the Outdoor, re-proposed with a modern interpretation, which satisfies the classic passionate but amazes the young person in search of new style ideas.

The result: a decidedly contemporary collection that focuses on the elements of heritage, combining tradition and modernity, with ultra-masculine silhouettes whose shoulders and light fabrics are enhanced. Living surfaces, soft and comfortable fabrics, elegant as well as practical.

Capalbio custodian of Italian sartorial excellence

It is an ensemble of the eternal codes of the Tuscan brand remixed in a universe in step with the times where the undisputed protagonist is the Maremma-style Country Jacket, destined to rewrite the history of tailoring. A sporty and unique mood, the Jackets are flanked by the Waistcoats, all revised in the wearability, which undergoes a sartorial evolution.

Everything starts with the cut: the Capalbio Jacket, with its sloping shoulders, high neck, very wide back (to give space to the back pocket), typical of Maremma clothing, was born as a comfortable garment for hunters, but over time it has become a sophisticated and refined fashion item. Every detail in the jacket tells the story of cowboys, peasants and brigands: men horseback riding along the woods and farm roads. Natural colors, very tied to the earth, intensified thanks to the in garment dye, they range in the range of blue, ivory, greens that evokes an even brighter summer forest. Military green, earthenware, mud, ocher, blue. Rough fabrics, trimed to reinforce the parts of the garment most subjected to wear such as the shoulder on which the rifle rested, "maximum bag" to carry food and ammunition, today are translated into haute-couture selected by those who, in their free time, choose a practical clothing item, but still charming, that is linked to tradition and is treated in detail.
The new stylistic path, centered on recovery in a contemporary key, is also expressed in the SS 2020 Evolving Memories Collection, which pays tribute not only to the golden dunes of the Tyrrhenian coast, but also to the scent of sea salt in the air.

Two capsules within a collection

In the both capsules the Tuscany Sea and the Fauna Watching. The nuances stolen from the sunsets by the sea, and the natural born, cotton, linen and summer velvet fabrics, made with recycled yarns, complete the understanding between the Capalbio man and the nature that inspires him. The main fabric is the jute/cotton mix, inspired by the work jackets of Tuscan factors in the early 1900s. The cut introduces a touch of practicality, improving fit and recovering texture with a timeless charm.

Without, missing the most original proposal, check in recycled and certified denim cotton. Also in a cotton canvas and the iridescent soleado in polyester cotton. All dyed. Whoever wears a Capalbio garment not only conveys the unmistakable style of a deep-rooted tradition, but interprets a unique and versatile modus vivendi envied throughout the world: the Tuscan one. With extra attention: to eco-sustainability, Capalbio promotes an innovative model of sustainable textile production and in a circular perspective. The fabrics utilized for the garments are made with recycled cotton threads and certified methods whose traceability is guaranteed.


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