Capalbio's world

The jacket with
the world in a pocket

It was 1992.
A traditional cut garment was preparing to become
an icon of contemporaneity.
Today, the Capalbio jacket
reveals that the details of the Tuscan culture are perfect
for adapting to a dynamic life.

Capalbio is citywear
with an authentic soul.

Urban style at the court
of a tradition

Wearing Capalbio is the choice of traveling generations, but with firm roots. Cosmopolitan and come in contact with a diverse universe of cultures, those who dress Capalbio loves details. The Capalbio man leaves his places for curiosity or for working, but he always comes back keeping alive relationships, friendships, contacts. Metropolitan rhytms alternate with slow moments in which speed is transformed into an opportunity to enjoy life. Listening to music, enjoying the beauty of the landscape and then, suddenly, leaving for a business trip. In this romantic story, the Capalbio jacket plays a leading role: practical, comfortable, up-to-date, ideal for those who can not renounce authentic particulars.